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Junior World Masters.


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1. Delivery of information services and guarantees

Information contained on these websites has been compiled by Volkswagen AG in a conscientious and thorough manner applying the due diligence, and attains 97.5 % availability on a yearly average.

Content provided on these websites is intended solely for information purposes and is not legally binding, insofar as it is not subject to the provisions of the Ordinance on Fuel Consumption Labelling (details on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions). Vehicles shown on these pages, for example in the car configurator, are in some cases equipped with optional equipment that is available at extra cost. Information on the scope of delivery, appearance, price, performance, dimensions and weight of the vehicles was correct to the best of our knowledge at the time the data was entered. We therefore expressly reserve the right to make changes. All information relating to equipment, prices and technical data is based on the features of the German market.

Some of the information provided in conjunction with these services reflects the views of Volkswagen management. Where such information contains forward-looking statements, the fact is usually indicated by the use of terms such as ""expect"", ""plan"", ""intend"" or similar terms. As future developments are subject to various and frequently unforeseeable factors, no guarantee can be given as to the accuracy of such forward-looking statements. Management will update any such statements at its own discretion. Stock market and economic data, rates, indices, prices, news, general market data etc. are provided solely as a source of information for visitors to the Volkswagen websites and do not represent investment advice or any other recommendation. Where the websites include recommendations from analysts, Volkswagen AG gives no guarantee whatsoever, in particular with regard to the accuracy and completeness of the assumptions and conclusions underlying such recommendations.

Please check the information before using it in any way. Binding information can only be given in response to specific enquiries.

2. Special information services

Please note that some of the information and communication services accessible via special portals on Volkswagen AG websites are additionally subject to the terms and conditions of use of the portals concerned.

3. Services provided by partners

Some of the information services are provided by our partners. Please note that such services are subject to the terms and conditions of the partners concerned, and that the provision of links to their websites on the websites of Volkswagen AG does not constitute or imply any recommendation or guarantee. Volkswagen AG is not responsible for such content. The providers concerned are not agents of Volkswagen AG.

4. Links to third-party websites

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5. Permissible use of services

In using these websites you must observe the copyright, name and trademark rights as well as all other proprietary rights of third parties. All Volkswagen AG websites are protected for example, including the images, music and brand names, such as “Volkswagen” and “Golf”, presented on them. This also applies to the proprietary rights of our Group companies. Neither these websites nor the terms and conditions of use should be understood as constituting a licence or as granting any other right to the proprietary rights of Volkswagen AG. You undertake not to misuse the services in any way, in particular not

  • to bypass any security measures set up by the information services,
  • nor to use any devices or run any applications which would result in, or may result in, damage to the systems of Volkswagen AG or cause them to malfunction, in particular as a result of modifications to the physical or logical structure of the servers or the network of Volkswagen AG or of other networks,
  • nor to integrate the information services, in whole or in part, into other websites, whether private or commercial, nor to use the services for commercial purposes.

6. Acceptance of cookies

Volkswagen AG places cookies on your computer when you visit our websites. You can determine the extent to which cookies are used by means of your computer settings (usually in your web browser e.g. Internet Explorer; for more details see the Technical Requirements section).

Volkswagen AG assumes that you agree to cookies being placed on your computer if your browser accepts them. With regard to data protection please refer to our data protection declaration.

7. Links to the websites of Volkswagen AG

It is permitted to place hyperlinks to the homepages of Volkswagen websites, e.g., provided

  • the link causes the linked page to be completely reloaded without being set in a frame,
  • Volkswagen AG is notified within 24 hours of the link being placed by way of an e-mail to,
  • the hyperlink is clearly identified as such on the source page by using the phrase "Link to Volkswagen AG" or the name of the linked Volkswagen AG page in conjunction with the phrase "Link to Volkswagen AG".

Any different links require Volkswagen AG's previous consent before being placed. Volkswagen AG reserves the right to prohibit the placement of links despite compliance with the aforementioned obligation.

8. Liability

Volkswagen AG accepts liability for intent or gross negligence in accordance with the German Product Liability Act, and for guarantees expressly given by Volkswagen AG. In cases of minor negligence, Volkswagen AG accepts liability only in the event of a breach of an essential obligation, whereby the sum of any claims for damages is limited to the extent of the foreseeable loss.

9. Security in transmission of messages to Volkswagen AG

In view of the technical structure of the internet, you should take your own security precautions if you wish to send an e-mail from your private e-mail account to Volkswagen AG in order to safeguard the confidentiality and integrity of the content of your e-mail. Commercially available encryption software can be used for this, for example.

If you wish to send an e-mail directly from the Volkswagen AG contact page, you should note that the data will be transmitted unencrypted and that no guarantee can be given as to the confidentiality and integrity of the e-mail's content.

10. Changes to the scope of performance and to the Conditions of Use

Volkswagen AG reserves the right to expand or reduce the service provided, or modify its functionality, in whole or in part, at any time. The rapid development of the internet makes it necessary for us to amend these terms and conditions of use from time to time. Please refer to the latest version of the terms and conditions of use in this respect.

11. Choice of law

The use of services and these terms and conditions of use are subject to German law, with the exception of its conflict of laws provisions.

Should you have any problems or questions concerning Volkswagen AG websites, please click here. We very much hope you enjoy using our services.

12. Dispute Resolution

Volkswagen is neither committed nor obliged to participate in dispute resolution before a consumer arbitration board.

Data protection declaration

The protection of your privacy when using our websites is particularly important to us. We have therefore provided detailed information for you concerning the collection of anonymous and personal data.

Anonymous data collection

You may in principle visit the Volkswagen AG websites without telling us who you are. We are notified merely of the name of your internet service provider, the website from which you accessed our site, and which of our website pages you visit. This information is evaluated for statistical purposes. As an individual user, you remain anonymous.

Collection and processing of personal data

Personal details are only collected if provided by you - for example to execute a contract, in response to a survey, or when registering for personalised services.

Provided you give your consent, your registration details for Volkswagen personalised services will be processed for the purpose of promotion and market research and also to ensure that our electronic services are designed to meet your needs. Furthermore, if you give your consent, the information you call up when you visit the Volkswagen portals will be used to construct a user profile, in order to send you specially tailored promotional material.

This data is transmitted in encrypted form in order to prevent misuse by third parties. Your data is processed within the Federal Republic of Germany.


This website uses Matomo (formerly Piwik) to analyze user behaviour. For that purpose cookies are stored on your computer. Personal data is not collected so that no conclusions can be drawn about your person.

Use and distribution of personal data

The personal data collected on the websites of Volkswagen AG will be used only for contract execution and to handle your enquiries, unless you have consented to another type of use. Moreover, your data will only be used for promotional and market research purposes and to design needs-oriented electronic services from Volkswagen AG if you have given us your prior consent. In the same way, your personal data will only be used to send tailored promotional material if you have given your consent.

As consent to use your data for the above purposes may involve the transmission of your data to companies in the Volkswagen Group and Volkswagen partners (dealers and service centres) chosen by you, your data may also be passed on to those parties. No other transfer of data to third parties is undertaken.
You can of course withdraw your consent at any time, effective at a time in the future.

If you have any further questions concerning data protection at Volkswagen, please refer to our FAQs (list of frequently asked questions with answers). You can also obtain information on your data and submit any suggestions by e-mail or letter to the following address at any time:

Data Protection Officer of Volkswagen AG Volkswagen AG PO box 1886/1 38436 Wolfsburg Germany